Trusted, eco-friendly services

Wastewater design

Get the most robust, eco-friendly septic design for your property and your budget.

Stormwater plans

Reduce the detrimental impacts of runoff, such as erosion, flooding, and pollutants, with a stormwater pollution prevention plan.

Enhanced site plans

Communicate your vision for your property with a detailed map of structures, easements, wetlands, and more.

Septic inspections

Keep your septic system functioning longer with regular inspections and maintenance.  

Septic 101 and FAQs

Get the latest insights to help you keep your septic system healthy for the long term.

About us

Andy Saxe, Septic designer


As a licensed wastewater system designer and LEED GA, Andy offers more than 30 years' experience in property development and nearly a decade in the septic design industry. Andy is US veteran and continues to serve as a reservist in the US Air Force.

Angela Saxe, Writer


In addition to supporting the design business, Angela helps technology providers tell their stories through high-impact marketing and technical content. Angela offers more than 30 years of writing and communications expertise. 

Louie Saxe, Chief of staff


When not napping or controlling rodent populations, you'll find Louie patrolling the property, demanding to be let outside (or inside), and ensuring the staff attend to his purr-ticular needs.