Call ASTech for Septic Systems Design in the San Juan Islands

View from Jones Island in the San Juans.

Maximize your investment with high quality septic systems design

One of the most critical investments you will make as a homeowner or commercial property owner is in your septic system. A well designed septic system will keep your family’s habitat sanitary, protect your drinking water, and minimize your impact on our beautiful natural environment. And with careful planning and proper maintenance, your system will serve you for many years to come.

Choose ASTech Professionals

As a licensed on-site septic systems designer, Andy Saxe will work with you to design a residential or commercial on-site wastewater treatment system that best meets your needs in terms of your site and budget. Additionally, as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate* who has 25+ years of construction industry experience, Andy will design a septic system that has the lowest ecological impact possible.

Furthermore, ASTech Professionals does not sell or distribute wastewater treatment system products. This means that design decisions will be based on the best product suited for your particular needs.

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* A LEED Green Associate credential demonstrates a solid, current understanding of green building principles and practices. Learn more.