Enhanced site plans

What is an enhanced site plan?

An enhanced site plan is a map of your property built in AutoCAD on a scaled sheet. The enhanced site plan can map out your building setbacks, easements, wells, existing and future septic sites, wetland areas, structures, driveways, stormwater areas, and more. It is important to note that it is NOT a survey, which is an exact diagram for determining legal boundaries.

Why do I need an enhanced site plan?

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your enhanced site plan is a cost-effective way to help sell a property and communicate your vision when developing a property.

Selling a property

Accelerate deal closure by helping potential buyers to visualize the possibilities and by removing the unknowns. By mapping out the property, you help potential buyers to see how the property can be used. Furthermore, the enhanced site plan can specify view corridors and easements, and site-specific features that make your property unique. An enhanced site plan can be particularly valuable with more difficult properties. For even better impact, combine an enhanced site plan with a soil survey and full septic system design.

Property planning and development

Save time and money by minimizing communication barriers between your architect, developer, excavator, and others. An enhanced site plans allows you to plan and specify your vision for how the property should be developed. You can use the site plan to delineate your septic system, drain field, and reserve (and ensure that these areas remain undisturbed during construction).The enhanced site plan can also be used in your permit portfolio.

By producing enhanced site plans with up to date AutoCAD software, digital files can be sent in any form to aid in the seamless integration of builders, architects and owners.  To learn more about how an enhanced site plan can help you accomplish your goals, contact us.